Our Mission:

To promote financial education for those facing or already in retirement in order to facilitate their understanding of the monetary obstacles and opportunities in funding their quality of life after their working years.


Welcome: To say that the landscape is changing for those looking to retire and already retired is a major understatement. A myriad of challenges can stand in the way of funding the quality of life you desire in retirement. These include creating a secure income stream, navigation of taxes, market fluctuations, healthcare costs and cultural paradigm shifts.

Considering the above might seem like a daunting task. Yet, there are definite ways to overcome and conquer the obstacles to creating a well-funded retirement lifestyle. To do so, ABC Financial Education Services provides courses from Social Security maximization to income development to conservative retirement planning.

In order to address these issues, we´ll be using the ABC Planning Model, created by financial planner, author and speaker, Dave Vick. The ABC Planning Model will help you determine how much risk you currently have in your portfolio and how much you desire. It will also help you to structure the mix of guaranteed income and risk oriented income for your retirement. For further reading on this subject, we recommend you read Vick´s "Bat-Socks, Vegas & Conservative Investing" which highlights the simple-to-understand ABC planning model.

It´s our hope that by taking an educational tour through these issues, you´ll be ready to move forward with confidence in creating a financial plan for retirement. Yes, the landscape is changing, but it´s our belief that with the right tools and information you can easily stay ahead and prosper, living a well-funded retirement.

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